November 09, 2011

I’m missing him so much.

Yes, I remembered the first time I got introduced to him, March, 27 2010. I moved to a new lodging house and got a new room then. People on my new lodging house had been really familiar with him, though none of them was care about him. Yes, everybody just calling and ignoring. Since then, I knew him and got to know him so well. I caressed him every time I saw him near. I invited him into my room, invited him to sleep on my bed. I kissed his furry stomach, played with his furry legs. I loved his strong body, his strong legs and I mostly spent my time playing with him. Though he loved biting my nails, and often chewing my fingers, but I loved it.

Soooo handsome. And super cute :)
I fed him every day. He could well remember the sound of my bike that every time I got home from work, he ran to me and welcoming me behind the entrance gate. I smiled and carried him in. I’m missing carrying his corpulent body, and his voice. I mostly cooked my own meal every day, and I remembered his favorite food, fried egg! Absolutely! . That’s why I fried egg for him almost every night. And he was impatiently approaching me, tried to catch his favorite one, hahaha.

Look at his belly ;)
I remembered every night I was like a small family. We were like a mum, dad and a son haha, with me, my boy and him sitting together, enjoying our last meal to dine up. He always sat in the middle, try reaching mine and try reaching my boy’s . Well, he was our best friend, that the first ‘person’ I called when I’s home is him, instead of calling any other people. 

He's cute right?
I knew by heart his habit. Knocking my door with his rough mewing, and slept on my bed or on my bag. And sometimes I treated his body as a pillow, lying my head on it :P. One day the lodging house was renovated, then we all had to move somewhere else. I couldn’t help to leave him alone, letting him finding his own food without any help from me, and tried be okay for not seeing him. It was about two months leaving him, and I came back then. Seeing him again. I hugged him every time, and that time I saw him older, his aging was so noticeable. I knew so well how a cat reached the stage of aging, that soon will end its life. I knew it and I felt a little afraid of.

He was so spoiled
On December 2010, I was sick, and had to rest for about a week. He accompanied me in my room. Being such a best friend to be with. And his mewing was like a pain killer for me. And he took me to the bathroom when I was afraid to . He was so spoiled but so nice.

This what I told. He loved sleeping on my bag
I moved my room, and he still followed me. Then I invited him to sleep in my room every night. Treating him as my cushion or bolster . Until January, 2011, he rarely coming home. I mostly searched him all around until I gave up and could only wait for him to come home. Until one day, in the beginning of January 2011. He did not come home for about three days, and that he always mewing roughly and loudly every night before, until he was disappeared for several days. I just wondered why. I didn’t know what happen with him. Maybe he was sick, feeling his painful or else. I didn’t really understand. So sorry  sweetie…

I really did not have any idea of what he was thinking through my window  :P
I was worried about him that I searched him around but I couldn’t find. I then got some sausages, another favorite food of him, as a present when he came home. The next morning, he came home and I was really happy, hugging him tightly. He then slept on my office bag. Hey, I needed to use this bag, please wake up! I needed to go to work. And so sorry I got to pull my bag from under his body. He’s waking up, mewing and looked at me. I smiled and took out some sausages, and gave him some. He ate ravenously. He acted like he did not let me leave him alone. He cuddled, ran to me, played around, attracted me to come to him and didn’t want me to go. But I should go. I should work, sorry!

Again, he was thinking about 'life' hahaha :D
At night, I came home, and my landlord suddenly came to me and said. “Your cat’s dead this afternoon”. I said this was not true, he must be kidding. But he then convinced me and showed me where he buried him. I cried like a baby. I didn’t know how to feel. He’s really my best friend when I was alone, when I was afraid, when I was sick. He was the only one I could talk to without grumbling, without giving any comments, without complaining what I was talking about. Though he was biting me a lot, but I liked it. He’s gone on January… I did not even know him for a year yet. 10 months only, and he’s gone away…

with me...
He’s so much like Hachiko. Yes, he’s my Hachiko. His name’s Komeng. And I’m missing him a lot. Komeng, my best cat – my best friend. 

The latest photo of him and my boy. Taken on my boy's b'day, December, 29 2010