November 27, 2013


Well, Did I ever told you that I do MC also? 
Udah lama banget sebenernya event ini  ya. Tahun lalu. Juli 2012. 

I was MC-ing for two book review talkshows in a day. The event itself was held by Kompas Gramedia named 'Kompas Gramedia Fair 2012' in Gramedia Expo Surabaya. It was a festive moment, though most of visitors were stuck on booths around the talk show area. But chairs provided in front of the stage was full then. It didn't matter. Here I show you the pictures.

The first talkshow was 'Bedah Buku with Gitanyali' for his two books: Blues Merbabu and 65.

The background was the talk show going on

This is the talkshow without me blocking the view :p

And taraaa.. I got this from Gitanyali :)

And here was the second talkshow. It was entitled 'Illustration on a novel' or sort of hehehe. It was Shienny M. S the author of Tetra-logy Thermelian - the first fantasy novels in Indonesia presenting the topic. I guess the books are magnificent.

I, Shienny M.S, and her book she gave

I, Shienny M.S and her book she gave [again]

I found this on Thermelian fanspage :)
This was how the show went. I and Shienny during the talkshow

This was the crowd. Courtesy of Thermelian fanspage.

And I got this. Thanks Shienny :")
And you know...
What is the most lovable thing being a Master of Ceremony for a book review talkshow? Getting [a] free book[s]. Yeaayy!