September 16, 2012

Missing You So Bad

Picture taken from here

Yeah yeah..
Saya ngiriiii banget, liat blog orang lain yang rajin diupdate. Parahnya, saya rajin baca pula.

Padahal saya sendiri punya blog. Dan mangkrak. Boro-boro update dengan posting posting baru, nengok pun jarrrraaaaannnng.

And the picture above really represents what I feel inside about my blog. It shows what I wanna tell my blog a lot. I miss my blog so bad, so bad, really bad.

I miss writing here on a white blank page, with a burst of joy inside my heart, with words in every inch of my mind to reveal. Soon, soon, very soon I'm touching you again like it supposed to be.

Well, I'm missing you a lot my
And I love you, I love you so much
Believe me I never wanna leave you
I love you <3

For this missing, I'm writing this during my announcing on Zombie's Sonora Surabaya, Sept 16th 2012.