December 30, 2014

Before New Year


It's been a very long time not to write anything here.

How do I do today? well, everything's great. I'm a lot happier with everything I do now.
Hey, haven't I told u that I have resigned from my previous job. Hahaha, I didn't even tell u yet that I have been listed as an import staff in one of the biggest shoes company in my town? I am now a full-time self employed worker, and a full-time mom :)

Being self employed as a copywriter, translator and a voice talent on [hey, I'm the founder and owner].

Also selling those fashion things on Mosu Mosu Id (haven't made any web for this yet). You can check it's fb: Mosu Mosu Id, Instagram: @mosumosuid. Also MC-ing as another side job.

A loooott happier whenever I can still work, earn some money (I got a looot bigger than a-month-salary) while staying beside Tabina every time. Okay I won't tell you about it longer now.. perhaps on my next post.

I just wanna say Happy New Year
Welcome 2015.
Hope everything will be better, blissful, and we'll be a lot stronger than ever.
Amin Allahumma amiin..

Thanks Allah for everything u've given us on 2014. 
2015 should be brighter. The year of struggle ;)